Lifting polyuria spraying unit to 7 floor, ready to spray the roof. The roof was cleaned, insulated, (fixed using adhesive), sticky back membrane put on top insulation the membrane, sprayed with 3mm polyuria 150m2 in 9 hours. a true warm roof with no bridging.

Polyurea Protective Coating Applied to Garage Floor

Hotel Roof Repair using Polyurea Protective Coating

Concrete Leaking Roof Repair using Polyurea Protective Coating

Balcony 2

Balcony 1

Polyurea Protective Coating Applied to Concrete Balconies

Polyurea Protective Coating Applied to Hotel Roof

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During the production of 'The Wolf,' rain was made to appear falling from the steel frame above the stage. Therefore, Wolf Production needed to waterproof and protect the stage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre for the up and coming shows. The timber stage required a form of protection that could produce a flexible, yet tough finish and also be installed/applied on site. UKFF were able to meet all of these requirements and did so with the use of Polyurea protective coating. The job was completed within a few hours leaving the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with a protected, waterproof, anti slip finish stage.

The issue with both balconies is that they were sun traps. Each with a concrete base and an ash-felt top coat, in the heat the ash-felt moved and cracked and then in the winter the ash-felt went brittle. Year after year, this same issue would continue to re occur despite numerous attempts to solve the problem using different coatings and repair products. When the issue returned this year, UKFF were asked to deal with the issue. UKFF cleaned, primed and then sprayed Polyurea protective coating to each balcony. This problem was solved immediately, as Polyurea does not tear, crack or split in different temperatures thanks to its elastomeric elements.

Polyurea Protective Coating Applied to Create Waterproof Stage Panels for Wolf Production at Royal Shakespeare

One customer wanted a permanent coloured floor that would resist abrasive equipment and continual use. UKFF self levelled, primed then hand rolled epoxy resins with a UV top coat.

Vale of Glamorgan Council were having to carry out annual repairs on the roofs of their houses to prevent the ingress of water due to the single wall construction. After deciding to take a different approach, UKFF sprayed this roof with Polyurea protective coating. This has now resolved the issue on a long term basis so there will no longer be a need to carry out annual repairs.

Spray foam Application to timber roof to form a true warm roof with no mechanical fixings, then sprayed with polyuria using a robot that can spray 1500 m2 per day.

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Polyurea Application to Office Workspace Building in Brixton, London.

For quite some time, 7 storeys high, an area of this hotel roof had been suffering with a leak. Access to the problematic area was extremely challenging, ruling out many trades without costly scaffold and time. UKFF sealed then sprayed the leaking area of the roof with Polyurea protective coating, taking only 30 minutes to complete and solving the issue immediately.

This well known chain hotel was suffering with multiple leaks in multiple areas of their roof, 16 floors high. The roof had previously had many unsuccessful patch repairs. UKFF placed their Polyurea spraying machine on the fire escape stair well based on the penthouse floor, the hoses used for the Polyurea spraying were then long enough to reach to the roof. Due to the spraying nature of Polyurea, detailing around support struts can be completed within a matter of minutes rather than hours. The 660 m2 roof with window cradle tracks and multiple air con units was cleaned, primed and then sprayed with Polyurea protective coating, the whole procedure was completed within 10 working days.