Areas of Application for Polyurea Protection Coating

Asbestos Encapsulation, Roof Repair & Protection - Industrial & Commercial

Commercial roof protection, commercial floor protection, commercial roof repair...

Encapsulating asbestos using polyurea spray coating is a quicker, less costly solution compared to the removal of asbestos. The waterproof, fire resistant coating is quick to apply due to it being in a spray form and there is no need for any roof or asbestos removal resulting in low/zero production down time, all in all reducing costs. The spray coating is so durable, strong and corrosion resistant that it can actually strengthen and extend the lifespan of a building. In 2009, the government introduced a tax relief scheme called 'The Land Remediation Relief'. Asbestos encapsulation is eligible for this scheme which it states that for every £1 a business spends on bringing back productive use of contaminated/derelict land, a tax relief of £1.50 will be given.

Industrial Flooring Skid Resistance & Corrosion Protection

When applied polyurea coating can eliminated potential hazards caused by damaged/slippery/uneven flooring. Its significantly cheaper and requires a lot less operational downtime (just 2 hours) than replacing or repairing original flooring. The seamless flexible coating is able to move with expansion or contraction of the substrate.

Polyurea coating systems can be textured through the use of silica sand, polypropylene beads or aluminium oxide. Various finish coats can be used to adjust the nature of the slip resistant surface, glossy surfaces are perceived to be a lot more slippery than satin or flat finishes and a slight stipple finish will be less slippery than a smooth finish. The coating can protect floor surfaces in a wide range of facilities - warehouse and manufacturing including loading area and forklift zones, food and agriculture, medical, veterinarian...

General Waterproofing

When building a home, foundation waterproofing is a very important factor. Many homes have been less effectively damp proofed instead of water proofed, houses that allow constant streams of moisture to occur are often likely to suffer with the mould. Waterproofing is the only permanent way to stop water/vapours entering the foundation walls of your home.

Polyureas seamless coating provide effective waterproofing protection and prevents corrosion. It can be applied to walls, roofs, flooring, virtually anywhere you would like whether it be on house, your workplace, ponds, garages and many more.

Primary and Secondary Containment and Waterproofing

Polyurea offers great protection against waterproofing, from general waterproofing to challenging environment waterproofing i.e containments storing various fuels or harsh chemicals where protection against leaks and spills is vital.

Containment is the key function of polyurea coating and as a result of its strong water and chemical resistance properties, it makes an excellent choice for thoroughly containing liquids associated with the containment breach. As well as containing, the coating also protects the containment substrate from corrosion caused by acidic chemicals/environmental conditions. Polyurea can bring secondary containments back to a certified condition when they are coming towards or have reached the end of their life span. Spray polyurea coating can be applied to many surfaces, it forms a seamless membrane and will mould to fit any shape, eliminating the risk of liner leaking. Due to its elongation properties allow for movement without tearing the protective barrier.

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Asbestos Encapsulation, Flat Roof Repair & Protection - Domestic

How to repair a roof? How to repair a flat roof? How to repair a leaking roof? How to solve asbestos problems.. Asbestos encapsulation!

Polyera spray coating can be used to encapsulate asbestos which is a quicker, cheaper alternative to asbestos removal. After the first and only application of the spray coating is applied, it is almost definite that you will never have to suffer the charges of asbestos removal or encapsulation ever again. Polyurea can be used as a maintenance repair solution for roofing problems such as leaks and cracks, it protects against weathering erosion and condensation and is resistant to fire, water and crack. As a result of polyureas durable, hard wearing, elasticity properties it will strengthen and extend the life span of your roof.