Polyurea Coating Protection

Foam Insulation

Warm Roof Cross Section Using    Foam and Protective Coating

UKFF specialises in polyurethane spray foam insulation & polyurea protection coatings, we offer competitive prices along with a 10, 15, 20 or 25 year guarantee on all of our projects. The length of guarantee provided will be dependant of the type of project carried out, this is due to different materials being used as necessary for different types of projects.

We use state of the art equipment and BBA approved polyurethane foam produced by leading chemical company, BASF, to ensure that we achieve the best results in all of our insulation projects. It is possible for us to achieve air tight insulation with just one application. 

When installing polyurea spray protection coatings we source the polyurea from the worldwide leader in special corrosion encapsulation and at the fore front of the polyurea research & development market,  Superior Products International (SPI). 

Spray foam insulation and protective coatings are only installed by trained professionals.

We operate in Wales, England and across the whole of the UK.